Wireless Networking

Wireless networking is the most modern and secure way to interface terminals

Secure Wireless

This is a new approach that simplifies the operation of a secure and trusted wireless network combined with a UTM or wholly Cloud management system and special access points suitable for small and medium businesses, reliable wireless access for all users on a network, centralized management and great security.

This is a very manageable solution that works directly without additional devices or complex settings. The system uses the most advanced encryption and supports all available authentication standards, including WPA2-Enterprise, combined with the IEEE 802.1X (RADIUS authentication) standard. The system supports visitor coupons for daily or weekly access, dedicated QoS, inappropriate content filtering, customized hotspot pages, and more.


  • Simple and easy deployment and customization
  • Ability to cover indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Centrally manage all access points
  • No localization is required at access points
  • Ability to fast roaming while on the move
  • Multiple Points of Access to SSIDs
  • Sophisticated guest features and hotspot functionality to control the service
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance
  • Automatically select channels for maximum performance
  • Supports all modern high-speed standards such as 802.11ac and 802.11n
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)