Network Storage

Network Storage

Digital information is everywhere, daily we see digital bits on our computers and smartphones, listen to them over the Internet, and create new ones ourselves every time we take a photo, finally by emailing them to our partners & friends we create more bits!!

Today the explosion of digital data is growing rapidly and the demand for data storage is increasing daily in every department of modern business.

After many years of experience in multiple business environments, ARTIOSNET offers reliable and affordable storage solutions.


  • Cross Platform: Data access from Mac, Linux, Windows, over AFP,SMB,CIFS, FTP, SFTP, HTTPS, NFS, iSCSI, FCB
  • Easy Management: Simplifying complex administrative tasks through a powerful web interface
  • Advanced Protection: Integrated backup system with replication and deduplication capabilities, advanced multiple snapshots technology, disk encryption methods and all types of raid protection supported
  • High Performance: Ability to increase performance using SSD in combination with Automated Storage Tiering technology